Showering Malshej

     Here is county of fun, the Malshej ghat. You can enjoy clouds, rain, rainbow, waterfalls, water spring at one place. And for all these we do not have to go far away because all the fun is available on the road or nearby road. Now days Malashej is getting popularity like Lonavala and Khandala.

     In monsoon youths from Mumbai, Pune gather here to enjoy rain and waterfalls. Gathering of youths and dancing in rain is like welcome to new season rain with celebration. After some heavy rains you can find almost 7-8 good waterfalls to enjoy a shower of nature. Sometimes during weekend due to crowd the highway becomes walker's zone and you can't drive easily. Besides youths families also come here to enjoy nature.

     After dancing in rains and taking shower in waterfall any one would like to have 'Pakode' or 'Bhaji' and tea. During monsoon local people set small tea stall where you can find hot tea, all kinds of 'Pakode' and roasted corns. So gear up for your next monsoon trip at Malshej.

     In next post I would like to share beautiful pictures of clouds at Malshej. So stay tuned. 


  1. Lovely blog Sandeep, I loved the misty feel you have provided to your blog!
    All the best.
    Thank you for stopping by and commenting on my blog!

  2. Beautiful Place, beautiful pics....and a nice blog. Thanks for stopping by mine