Birth Place of King Shivaji : Shivaneri

     Raja of Maharashtra 'Chatrapati Shivaji' was born at Shivaneri Fort. Shivaji is being at the epicenter of history of Maharashtra. This fort is on a plain, isolated hilltop. This is the perfect place to see historical monuments plus nature's beauty. One can visit Shivaneri at any time of year however sprinkling monsoon and winter would be the perfect season. I have been there twice during February and July. Here I enjoyed my photography the most because during sunset the colors in sky are just awesome. You can see colors sprinkled all over the sky from West to East.
Birth Place of Shivaji
      On toe of hill there is a town called Junnar which is in Pune district. Junnar is historical place and there are many picnic points around junnar like Shivaneri, Lenyadri, Ozar, Malashej ghat and Harshchandra gad. At Lenaydri and Ozar there are temples of Lord Ganesha. These are the two temple out of famous 8 'Ashtavinayakas’  (8 holy temples of lord Ganesha in Maharashtra). 

Marble plate state that Shivaji was born on 19 Feb 1630

     Shivaneri is just 90-95 km away from Pune and 130-150 Km away from Mumbai. There is only road conveyance available. You can park your vehicles at the toe of hill and you can go to top of hill using stone steps. On the way you can see well maintained fortification and beautiful, huge gates. The landscape around it creates attractive scenery.
First Gate of Shivaneri Fort
     At mid there is a small temple of deity 'Shivai'.  People say that Shivaji's mother was praying to this deity for bright and brave son who can bring peace and independence in region. The ‘Mahal’ where Shivaji was born is still there. From this palce you can see hill of Lord Lenyadri. 
Old Chapha tree

In Maharashtra, this fort is one of the well maintained forts. On the way different gardens are maintained where you can see different types of flowers.  Now days various species of trees are preserved so one can see verity of trees  over here.

Three Idiots
These photos may tell you that this is must see place. Not only this, you can have one day trip in which you can visit 2-3 places popular of Maharashtra which are around the Junnar town. 

Sunset Visible from a Gate of Shivaneri




  1. Birth Place of Great Shivaji- This place reminds u the begining of Swaraj

  2. Good post, and the last 2 photographs are superb! Keep writing.:)

  3. I never go to shivneri!!
    But seeing this blog, I eager to go shivaneri!!

  4. Very nice article Sandip , good information
    -Avijit Sharma

  5. nice best photography
    sandeep can you tell me how to publish photo on google image search

  6. thanks Pradeep
    'for google search' all you need to register your site with google web master tools
    As per my experience the image get listed on search according to texts that are nearby the image tag in html. the priority of listing is depend on uniqueness of content and some other factors.

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