Maharashtrian shepherd called as 'Dhangar' is strongest breed of Maharashtra. They are wealthy people which stay with their flocks. In modern era they haven’t lost their traditional attire of dhoti, kurta, pheta and gandhi topi which is traditional dress of Maharashtra.
     They walk across Maharashtra and Karnataka states by crossing large terrain and hilly area of Sahyadri. They wear typical heavy leather footwear called as ‘Dhangari Chappal’ which looks like 'Kolhapuri chappals'.

That's the Super Moon from Pune

      Much talked event is happening today. After 18 years moon is closer to us.


     Sinhgad is weekend destiny of Punekar. It is just 15 to 20 Km away from city. Sinhgad is fort which is the witness of many historical events. 

     There is superior road available up to top of hill. From Pune it is nearest and popular place for horizontal and vertical trekking.  One can use old route of steps to go up.  Using steps is like having fitness test and time to remember precursors and their toughness. 

    At top it is nice to see the large gates, fortification and landscape around Sinhgad. Ideal season to visit this place is monsoon and winter.